Happyland Scandal Report: Prince Held Captive On Roller Coaster!

When Lucy spotted Harper and Ian kissing, she reportedly took extreme measures to keep them apart.

It wasn't a fire-breathing dragon or neighboring kingdom that posed a danger to Happyland's prince last night -- it was the castle's very own princess.

Ann Lamore and Shannon Baek

According to sources, Dazzle's reigning power couple, Will Armstrong and Harper Munroe, called it quits after Munroe was spotted kissing Park Prince Ian Chandler. Still, it was Armstrong's best friend, Dazzle's beloved Lucy Velez, who seemed to take the news the hardest. And rather than sit idly by and watch her pal suffer through a broken heart, she took matters into her own hands.

Eyewitnesses tell Tuesday Teen that Velez literally tore Chandler away from Munroe while the park employees were on a date and trapped him in a roller-coaster car. She proceeded to scold him for his home-wrecking ways, we hear, and even though a ride malfunction worked in her favor and she had plenty of time to plead her case, her words fell on deaf ears. Ultimately, Chandler committed to pursuing his choice redheaded beauty.

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