Watch A 14-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Predict The Future In This Rare Home Video From 1994

She's the 'dopest on the ropest!'

Kim Kardashian is so "dope on a rope."

Her words, not mine. In honor of the reality star's 34th birthday, "Entertainment Tonight" uncovered this gem of a video of Kim, celebrating her 8th grade graduation where, at just 14 years old, she already knew that one day she'd be a star.

"Does anyone have a tape of this?" she asked. "Because I want you to remember me when I'm famous as this beautiful little girl."

She then goes on to introduce herself, and described herself in literally the best way possible.

"My name is Kim Kardashian. I'm the dopest on the ropest person in this class. I'm dope on a rope and you should learn my vocabulary..." she said before someone asked her to define what dope means. "Dope is Kim."

And you know what? She's right, at least according to her husband Kanye West. When wishing Kim a happy birthday Kanye tweeted that she was the "dopest wife and mom." Can Kim predict the future? It certainly seems like it. Also, let's all band together and make "dopest on the ropest" happen. Who is with me?!

But wait, it gets better. In the video, Kim, who is rocking a short bob haircut, went on to show off some amazing dance moves (alongside mom Kris Jenner and sister Kourtney), declared herself "more popular than Lisa," and proudly proclaimed that everyone in her class loves her "because I'm so popular."

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