The 11 Best Celeb Cameos On Sesame Street

This is the hottest address on television.

Anyone in Hollywood can tell you how to get to "Sesame Street," because so many celebs have stopped off there on their way to megastardom. But even though Sesame Street is a popular destination for tons of actors and musicians, some of our favorites have made especially memorable appearances alongside Muppets over the years. Check 'em out and count 'em down in our list below.

11. Just last week, Claire Danes cruelly taunted Cookie Monster with an inedible diagram of a cookie.

10. Lupita Nyong'o's epidermis is showing!

9. One Direction team up with Bert to sing the alphabet (and engaged in some unspoken competition to see who has the best hair.)

8. Aziz Ansari demonstrates the true meaning of the word "ridiculous."

7.Peter Dinklage sings about the mysterious "Simon," and why we all do whatever he says.

6.Jonah Hill wears a mustache made of lies.

5.Jon Hamm teaches us about how to talk about feels.

4.Anna Kendrick teaches the word "absorb" by submerging muppets in water.

3.Neil Patrick Harris is the singing, dancing shoe fairy in a double-breasted suit.

2. Tom Hiddleston teaches Cookie Monster about the value of delayed gratification. (Although this video isn't technically from "Sesame Street," it's too damn charming not to include.)

1. And finally, there's Katy Perry's lesson in opposites from 2010, which was, alas, never aired on television after her cleavage caused a nationwide moral panic.

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