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Taylor Swift Can Literally Make A Hit Single Out Of 8 Seconds Of Air

She run the world, and here's proof.

Perhaps you were still under the illusion that there are things Taylor Swift cannot do. Well, you should be ashamed. Because pretty much every day for the past week Taylor has found a way to make her Swifties freak out about every single thing she does.

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And because you insist on being an obstinate hater, here's the ultimate proof. She hit #1 on the Canadian iTunes single chart on Tuesday by doing... nothing. Literally nothing. Like, static. Eight seconds of it, to be exact.

According to Slate, because of some glitch in the iTunes Canada chart yesterday, a track was released that appeared to be a new song from 1989, listed as "Track 3." What it was, however, was just static. Regardless, it shot right to #1 and fans paid $1.29 for it.

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As of Wednesday morning (October 22), the Earth appeared to have titled back into its proper orbit and the mysterious track was nowhere to be found on the chart. Taylor did, however, have the two spots nailed down with "Welcome to New York" and "Shake It Off," with "Out of the Woods" down at #5.