Here's Why You'll Never Be Able To Buy Karma's Birthday Dress From 'Faking It'

At least not in lavender.

It seemed like it would be hard for Faking It to top last week's Laverne Cox in a cape episode, but last night's birthday episode is definitely in contention for best episode of the season, IMHO. While there were plenty of shirtless men (hello, MMA dudes) featured in the episode, there was one thing I truly couldn't keep my eyes off of: Karma's birthday dress.

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The dress struck me as perfectly Karma—flowy, crocheted, etc.—and, also, exactly what a girl turning sixteen would want to wear for a special occasion. Like, how great did Karma look last night? Even in the ball pit (contained within her bedroom), so good, right?


I asked Beth Ann Hoppe, Faking It's costume designer, for some 411 about the memorable dress, and she revealed that, for starters, she and Katie Stevens—a.k.a. Karma—talked at length about how they wanted her to stand out and "convey that she took a little extra time" on her b-day. Also, she needed to look gewwwd for that reunion, ya know what I mean??

The dress is from Free People and is actually still available online. You may notice it doesn't come in the lavender color that Karma wore on the episode and—don't worry—you didn't miss out. Hoppe told us, "We loved her in the cream (which is how we ordered it) but it seemed a little too dressy for school. Katie and I talked and both said, 'Lavender,' at the same time, and viola!" The result was the perfect Karma birthday dress. How do I get a costume designer for just, like, my everyday life?

You can see the dress on a birthday scavenger hunt on last night's episode below!