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Remember That Anti-Abortion Film Justin Bieber's Mom Produced? Watch It Here

Got 15 minutes and a hankering for subtitles? Here's 'Crescendo.'

Pattie Mallette is more than just the mother of internationally renowned superstar Justin Bieber. She's also a film producer -- remember?

Mallette made headlines back in early 2013 when it was reported that she had served as executive producer on a short film titled "Crescendo." Why was this controversial? Well, depending on where your politics lie, you'd probably either classify the film's message as anti-abortion or pro-life.

On Tuesday (October 21), the "Confident" singer's mom tweeted that "Crescendo" was finally available to watch online, and here it is.

SPOILER ALERT, but the period piece revolves around a pregnant young woman who seeks to induce a miscarriage using a particular tea she acquires from an apothecary. Her efforts are in vain, and she is forced to give birth to a baby boy.

And do you know who that baby boy grew up to be? Justin Bieber Ludwig van Beethoven.

Yeah, we never said it was subtle.

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