7 Nice Guys Who Didn't Finish Last

Jake lamented his reputation for being benevolent on 'Awkward,' but he needs to embrace it!

Avoiding a scathing sexual review on something called a "Dude Database" would be a relief for most, but for Jake Rosati, it's the pits.

On tonight's "Awkward" episode, Jake, who's reformed since his brief tenure as a jerk, lamented the fact that he was seen as nothing more than an innocent puppy dog by Palos Hills' ladies. While Matty McKibben was likened to a player and "#ManWhore McKibben," Jake was the emblem of an innocent golden boy who'd earn resounding approval from your parents. GROSS!

Jake's still struggling a bit to accept his role as nice guy, but if he needs a little push, here are seven upstanding gentlemen who prove there's no harm in not being a d***.

Cory Matthews

When your teacher -- and later, principal -- lives next door, you've got to mind your Ps and Qs. But even if Mr. Feeny were miles away, we suspect Cory wouldn't have been any less amicable. The "Boy Meets World" character only ever loved one girl, his shoulder was tailor-made for leaning on and he still managed to be a favorite of his high school and college classmates.

Ted Mosby

CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Ted's quest to find a soulmate on "How I Met Your Mother" was, at times, more endearing to ladies than a goldendoodle who'd been conditioned to shake hands. It took him awhile to find his leading lady but find her, he did. If only he hadn't lost her, too...

Scott McCall

Becoming an Alpha Wolf involves spilling the blood of another, unless you're Scott, who's actually so virtuous, he became a True Alpha -- no murder necessary! When Peter Hale can only insult you for being an upstanding member of society, you know you're doin' all right.

Eric Forman

The world has Kelsos, and it has Erics. Sure, the guy enjoyed a bit of recreational toking, but no one could deny that he was "That '70s Show"'s most reliable, trustworthy cog.

Doug Funnie

Doug Funnie is such a benevolent guy, he'd probably jar and set a housefly free before running for the swatter. A good friend, a model student and the perfect son, Doug was loved by all.

Harry Potter

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Harry was nearly killed by a dark warlord as a baby, was reared by his cruel aunt and uncle and still managed to remain a nice guy by most accounts. The fact that he proved to be the world's most powerful and righteous magician was really just icing on the cake.

Bob Cratchit

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Cash poor, but wealthy otherwise, Bob never complained about his back-breaking work or paltry wages. And eventually, it paid off in dividends for the "Christmas Carol" character, whose kindness touched his boss in a way that could never be completely repaid. Still, Scrooge tried.