13 First Date Tips We Can Learn From Our Favorite Disney Movies

Worried about how it'll go? Hakuna matata!

First dates are part of life and imperative for meeting that special someone. However, if you're sick of hearing dating advice from your single friends over Ben & Jerry’s or from your smothering grandparents during family gatherings (don't even try to explain Tinder to them), look no further than your favorite animated movies from your childhood.

1. Never be someone you're not


Look at our friend Aladdin. He pretends to be a prince in hopes that this will get Jasmine to fall in love with him. But it just upsets her more. Turns out, she wanted him for who he really was -- and it isn’t until he reveals his true identity that the relationship flourishes. Just be yourself.

2. Don't give up if it's awkward at first

Belle and the Beast didn’t hit it off right away. Was it because he was holding her hostage in his castle? Perhaps (not the best move, dude). Though, by the end, Belle saw him for who he was on the inside, not the outside.

3. Keep things exciting

A first date shouldn't be dull. Is dinner and a movie really what you want to do? Live on the edge, get your heartbeat racing, go to the elephant graveyard -- it worked out well for Simba and Nala. Sure, they got into a little trouble, but it was a turning point for them and allowed their friendship to grow into a romance.

4. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be

Don’t think too hard and try to impress so much that it hurts getting to know your date. For instance, Ariel wishes to win the love of Prince Eric so badly that she sells her voice for the opportunity to do so, which ends up further complicating the situation. Keep the drama to a minimum.

5. Push past first impressions

Hans mischievously tricked Anna into falling in love with him by exploiting the fact that she so desperately wanted to find her soulmate. Spoiler alert: he ended up being a not-so-Prince Charming. The lesson that we should take is to ask questions and hold meaningful conversations beyond just simple, skin-deep banter. Don’t let the idea of falling in love get in the way of making sure the love is real.

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6. Be open to differences

We can turn to Tarzan and Jane for a perfect example of this. Two completely different worlds merging together, one a lifestyle of wealth and the other of simplicity and nature. And you’re not going to date that guy because he doesn’t like the same music as you?

7. Don't worry about other people's opinions

Never turn down a date because you're scared of what someone else will think. Sure, it's important to hear others out, but in the end you should always make your own decisions. Pocahontas and John Smith may not have had the approval of their friends and family, but they saw it through because it made both of them happy.

8. Don't be a robot

Some people repeat the same jokes and stories on date after date, but repetition subtly makes you sound programmed. Instead, be spontaneous. Some of the best memories happen in the spur of the moment, like Eve and Wall-E’s sky dance, zigzagging through endless space, creating literal sparks. For two robots, a lot of personality shines through. Think, what will your sky dance be?

9. Nobody likes a control freak

Tiana was hardly ecstatic about transforming into a croaking creature. But she eventually accepted that everything would work out fine with Naveen, as long as they were frogs together...and it did! Upon accepting their future (and obviously with that classic Disney kiss), they took their human forms.

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10. Try dating outside your circle

While there is nothing wrong with having a type, sometimes requirements harm more than help. Don’t be so closed-minded that it gets in the way of you finding someone. Nobody believed Cinderella could be Prince Charming’s perfect match, but we all know how that turned out.

11. Show your interest

This romantic gesture illustrated so effortlessly over a bowl of spaghetti in "Lady and The Tramp" is the perfect example. Something as little, and as simple, as sharing your food is a surefire way to show that you're comfortable with this person.

12. Keep it casual

It doesn’t have to be a formal first date in order to make a connection. In "Sleeping Beauty," what started out as your normal solo dance routine in an enchanted forest with animal friends quickly turned into a romantic moment for Aurora when Prince Phillip showed up by her side. Why not invite someone along for your typical, low-pressure everyday activities?

13. Go for it

Rapunzel definitely demonstrated this when she escaped the tower and found love. You know the person you always see at the gym, but are too scared to talk to? Confidently ask them for a date. Say "yes" to an unexpected invitation. Be bold, break free from whatever's holding you back, and people will want to be with you. (Wait, you're not actually locked in a tower, are you?)

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