Pharrell's Train Bag Just Got Beyonce's Royal Seal Of Approval

The true inner workings of Beyonce’s mind, much like the cryptic smize of Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Although we may never know the secret to how she does, in fact, wake up like that, or if she really is destined to rule the free world, one thing is for certain: Queen Bey is a big fan of trains. And bags. Cross-body bags shaped like trains designed by Pharrell Williams, to be precise.

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Beyonce recently posted a few pictures of herself spending some quality time with the product of Pharrell's collaboration with French leather goods brand Moynat. The going rate for a Thomas the Tank Engine in purse form (made of hand-carved ebony, btw) is $4,105, which ain't no thang when you're Beyonce, and is actually pretty cute (I swear the Beygency didn't make me say that).

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The "Happy" singer's collection is clearly a hit thanks to this royal seal of approval. Since Beyonce may have started a locomotive-themed accessory trend, you might want to run out and buy a few conductor caps just to be safe. Maybe even an actual train. IDK. We'll get back to you.