How To Ruin A Party In 5 Easy Steps

'Faking It's Amy has it down pat, as the Booker family quickly discovered.

Santa Claus showing up to your Christmas party unannounced is something worth celebrating. Amy Raudenfeld crashing your black-tie affair? Not so much.

On last week's "Faking It" episode, Amy got word that Liam was ready to reveal Hester High School's most damaging secret -- that the two had slept together. Rather than take the information in stride and calmly try to stop him, though, Amy stormed the Booker household during a buttoned-up party and -- when Liam wouldn't agree to keep his mouth shut -- caused a scene that was worthy of a "Real Housewives" outtake.

Amy lied about being Liam's girlfriend, insulted his family and wound up locked in a catering closet, all in an effort to keep Liam tight-lipped -- and that was just the half of it. See how Amy ruined the Booker party in five easy steps, and consider that it might be time to party yourself -- because "Faking It" has just been picked up for a 10-episode extension of Season 2!

1. Show up uninvited.

Had Amy invited Liam to a sit-down meeting, they could have quietly resolved their issues over coffee. Instead, she created a war zone on Liam's own territory.

2. Speak as if you've been raised by pirates.

Amy joked that she was pregnant with Liam's baby and inquired about whether his family ran a drug ring, all while drinks were still being served. Whatever happened to innocuous musings on the stock market?

3. Grab enough cocktail prawns to earn the nickname "shrimp girl."

OK, not everyone knows what the small fork's used for, but it's sort of obvious that grabbing an aquarium's worth of marine life is a no-no.

4. Make an impassioned speech replete with damning lies.

Oh, and if that doesn't do the trick, slap the hosts' son with such gusto that the echo carries into Arizona.

5. Throw wine in someone's face.