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Watch These Adorable Cats Try To Rap

Do they have what it takes to Meow The Jewels?

El-P has some kick-ass producers on tap for his next extremely ambitious project. Now, all he needs is talent. And that talent, guys, better be comprised of some pretty cool cats. Literally.

Just the other week, El-P announced that he would be making the fevered cat lady in all of us' dreams come true when he told us that the Kickstarter for Meow The Jewels, an all-kitty remix of the upcoming Run the Jewels 2, alongside Killer Mike, would become a reality. Now, he's just looking for the right cats for the job, as you can see in the below audition video.

The idea for the Meow mix (get it?) came about when El-P and Killer Mike were doing promo for Run The Jewels 2, the follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed Run The Jewels.

“I was sitting at a table and I was just joking around and I just decided, on the spur of the moment, to come up with a bunch of obviously completely ridiculous and joke pre-order options, one of which was, that for $40,000, we will remix the record using nothing but cat sounds and call it Meow the Jewels,” El-P told Entertainment Weekly.

Fans took that idea and ran with it, creating a Kickstarter that has raised nearly $60,000 for the project. El-P agreed to follow through on the absurd (and wonderful) promise, recruiting Run The Jewels 2 producers like Geoff Barrow, Just Blaze, Zola Jesus and Boots to work on the meow-sic.

Now, it seems, all El-P needs are the cats in question. Judging from the video above, it seems that he hasn't had much luck so far -- so if you're still in need of some quality feline pipes, dude, hit me up. My cat, Little Edie Weetzie Bat, is mad talented -- and she already has a rad rap name.

Run The Jewels 2 (sans cats) drops on October 28.