Siny Hale via Indie Gogo

Wanna Play Poker With Stiles Stilinski? One 'Teen Wolf' Fan Has Made It Possible

These Beacon Hills-inspired cards are sure to up your game!

If Scott McCall wasn't already the clear king of Beacon Hills, one "Teen Wolf" fan is trying to cement the werewolf's title.

Siny Hale via Indie Gogo

Siny Hale, an avid Wolf-head from Portugal with an eye for design, has created two "Teen Wolf" playing card decks -- which include 34 of the show's heroes and villains -- and needs your help to get them off the ground. Siny's taken to IndieGoGo, a crowdsourcing site, to share his master vision with the World Wide Web, and based on the many orders that have already been placed, it's clear the interest is there.

The cards, which Siny writes don't earn any profit, are available in four different background colors, can be requested as standard bridge packs or in larger sizes and may even be customized for a small additional fee. So if you're ready to win a hand with Lydia, Queen of Hearts, or fire back with Jack of Diamonds Jennifer, your next poker game is ready for a dose of the supernatural. Check, raise or fold, friends?

Check out more details on the cards, which are available until November 29, and get rid of that ol' Bicycle pack once and for all!