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The 7 Scariest Moments From The 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Specials


Halloween is just around the corner, which means it's usually time for our favorite residents of Rosewood, Pennsylvania to be terrorized by people wearing creepy-ass masks. "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween specials have always been fan-favorites, because -- ever since season two -- they tend to bring death, destruction, and the most ornate costumes you've ever seen on a high school student in your entire life. (Remember Spencer as Mary Queen of Scots? Of course you do.)

Tonight's (October 21) episode, "We Love You to DeAth," will tone down the antics and feature the actresses themselves -- Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Shay Mitchell -- giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the show. So in lieu of actual Halloween scares this year, here are the craziest moments from years past, so you can re-live the Halloween horrors all over again:

7. Adam Lambert Performs, "This Is A Dark Ride"

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6. Ali Meets The Baby Mask, "The First Secret"

The BM showed up many times again after their initial meeting -- he/she even attacked the Liars on more than on occasion -- but there's nothing quite like your first time meeting baby.

5. Baby Mask Returns To Attack Spencer, "This Is A Dark Ride"

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The only thing creepier than meeting the Baby Mask at a costume party is meeting Baby Mask on a high-speed train populated by drunk teenagers who are currently distracted by an Adam Lambert performance.

4. Spencer Gets Attacked By The Gas Masked Man, "Grave New World"

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Of all the creepy masks/costumes/etc. "PLL" has debuted over the years, this one might be the creepiest. (And for any "Doctor Who"/"Pretty Little Liars" crossover fans, it will certainly evoke memories of the phrase, "Are you my mummy?")

3. Ashley Gets Haunted, "This Is A Dark Ride

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The creepiest part is, we'll probably never find out who this freeloading dead child actually was.

2. Alison Is Alive, "Grave New World"

We'd suspected it for years, but seeing Ali alive and kind-of well in Ravenswood last year was undoubtely an unforgettable Halloween special moment.

1. Aria Gets Trapped In A Crate With Garrett's Body, "This Is A Dark Ride"

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Our gals have never been physically closer to death than Aria was at this moment -- well, at least they haven't been this close to death while stuck in a casket that was about to fall off a moving train.