6 Adorable Secrets From The 'Wonder Years' Cast Reunion

Fred Savage: still squirmy about kissing.

There's just one thing better than this squeeee-worthy reunion photo of the "Wonder Years" cast -- and that's this video of the main trio, together again, reminiscing about the most romantic moments from their stint as onscreen BFFs.

In an interview with ET, Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano spilled all kinds of beans about their on-set crushes, kissing experience, and of course, that famous inaugural smooch between teeny-tiny Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper. Here are the five funnest facts we learned from their chat.

1. The Kevin-Winnie first kiss actually happened a half dozen times.

When asked about their first onscreen smooch, Danica McKellar immediately recalled that it took six takes to get it right.

2. Fred feels retroactively insecure about his kissing skills.

"I can't imagine I was a very good kisser," Savage confessed, although he and McKellar were both very excited about filming the scene.

3. But Danica was totally wowed.

"I didn't know the difference, so I thought you were fantastic!" she said. (The feeling is probably mutual; both actors have previously gone on record admitting that the onscreen kiss was the first for either of them.)

4. Literally everybody had a crush on Winnie Cooper.

In addition to being the onscreen dreamgirl for every adolescent boy in America, Danica was adored by her co-stars, too. After she was handed a card with a question on it about the cast's secret crushes, Josh Saviano piped up, saying, "I don't think it was a secret!" -- and Fred Savage chimed in, "Yeah, we all loved you."

5. And Danica totally dug her onscreen paramour....

"I did have a crush on Fred," she said, although she wanted to be clear that said crush was an early phenomenon that happened at the very beginning of their time as co-stars.

6. But he wishes she wouldn't talk about it.

At this point in the video, Fred clearly gets all embarrassed and uncomfortable. The fact that the two had a little mutual puppy love going on can't be a surprise to him (or anyone who watched the show) but then again, we all know how Fred Savage feels about kissing and romance and stuff.