Pregnant Blake Lively Is The Most Glamorous Mom-To-Be Ever: See The Pics

The bigger the bump, the better the outfits.

By now, you've probably heard that Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds are the proud parents-to-be of the most genetically perfect bun ever to be baked in the celebrity baby oven. Which is very exciting, until you realize that it'll probably be 2015 before we ever catch a glimpse of the kid.

So, while we all wait for the big day when the littlest Lively emerges from the womb -- probably with a modeling contract already clutched in its tiny fist -- MTV News has rounded up this gallery of photos of Blake, from the svelte beginning to the curvaceous middle she showed off at last night's Angel Ball in New York City.

Back in June, Blake looked like her typically slender self in this golden skater dress at a charity event.

She might not have been pregnant yet, but she was almost definitely getting tips from Queen Bey for styling her belly-to-be.

Four months later, having just announced her pregnancy, Blake made her first public appearance -- in this annoying brown coat that hid errrrthing.

But then, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, she shucked the coat. And voila! Bump!

A day later, she was spotted on the streets of New York with el bumpo back under wraps, leading to disappointed speculation that it would be all shapeless ponchos from here on out.

We shouldn't have worried.

At last night's Angel Ball, Blake looked downright heavenly in a body-hugging gown. Check out that neckline!

Check out those shoes!

And check out the hot father-to-be...

...sharing a sweet moment with his lovely wife.

Everybody else can take their bumps and go home; Blake Lively wins at pregnancy.