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Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Share A Lot More Than A Birthday

8 more things these October babies have in common.

There's a lot to celebrate on October 21. Well, two things in particular -- two people rather: Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. The two share a birthday on this beautiful Tuesday -- happy birthday, ladies -- but that's not all.

The two have actually got a lot more in common than you may have realized. Here are just a few things that these trend-setting ladies share -- which also happen to be some of the many reasons people can't stop talking about them.

1.) They Have Both Become Selfie Experts

2.) They Both Have Ridiculously Cute Children -- What up, North?

Oh hey, Sebastian.

3.) And They Are Dedicated Moms

4.) And Looked Like Their Babies When They Were Babies

5.) They Both Did Music Briefly -- Hopefully you didn't forget about Kim's "Jam (Turn It Up)"

Or Amber's "Fame"

6.) They Both Work In Fashion -- Kim is the co-founder of DASH.

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And Amber recently launched her own line, Rose and Ono.

7.) They Can Both Shut Down A Red Carpet -- Like Kim did last month at the GQ Men of the Year party.

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And Amber did the same in August at the 2014 VMAs.

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8.) They're Both '80s Babies -- Kim was born on October 21, 1980, and Amber was born three years later, on October 21, 1983.