This Marching Band Performed Beyonce's 'Single Ladies,' And We Wanna Put A Ring On It

Watch the video to see why we're obsessed.

The Florida State University Seminoles crushed Notre Dame on Saturday (October 18) in an epic turnaround game, saving the team's still-undefeated status. And do you know who the football players have to thank for their victory streak? Beyoncé, obviously.

The FSU Marching Chiefs practically stole the show this past weekend with a halftime performance to be remembered, documented and shared for all the world to see. The band performed a dead-ringer rendition of Bey's "Single Ladies" without missing a single, beautiful step.

Remember this move?

Nailed it.

OMG and this one?

Nailed it again.

And the baton twirlers' creative interpretation of Bey's signature hand-wave definitely deserves all the rings ever.

I mean, LOOK AT IT.

Watch the full performance below.