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Kiesza Says 'Sound of a Woman' May Shock Fans

Piano ballads, deep house and more.

Kiesza's sophomore album, Sound of a Woman, is finally out today (October 21), and it is just as awesome as fans expected. From dance tracks to piano ballads, the Canadian songstress does it all.

Her hit single "Hideaway" is still one of the highlights, but "The Love" is just as good with robust vocals and a deep house beat.

MTV News recently caught up with the 25-year-old to discuss the release, and she broke down what fans could look forward to.

"I’d say soulful defines it -- it’s like the common thread in every song," she told me. "It’s very reminiscent of the early '90s but I’ve brought it to a more modern place production-wise. It is very experimental."

The five or six dance/electronic tracks on the album are definitely a sonic burst of the '90s, but there are a few curve balls on Sound of a Woman, including her significantly grittier track with Joey Bada$$, "Bad Thing." Kiesza explained that the song is drastically different then the rest of the album, but her and Joey had great chemistry.

"[Joey Bada$$] is really, really sweet and a very impressive writer. He writes so quickly," she said of the Brooklyn rapper. "I was very impressed by him."

As for Kiesza, she's just grateful her fans can finally hear her work! "I’m really excited to see what people think of the music because there’s a lot of, I think, things on there that I think people will be shocked by and not necessarily expect."

Sound of a Woman is out October 21.