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Watch A Mesmerizing Supercut Of Kim Kardashian Saying 'Selfie' Over And Over And Over

Girl loves her selfies.

Happy birthday, Kim Kardadshian!

We thought long and hard about what to give Mrs. Kanye West (seems like you're all set in the eyelash and lavish wardrobe department), and after racking our brains we finally came up with the perfect solution: a video of selfies.

Yes -- an entire video dedicated to Kim's selfie admiration and expertise. See, for those of you who aren't aware, Kim is a big fan -- she even has a selfie book coming out dedicated to the art of DIY photography -- and has pretty much mastered the art of the perfect selfie, which includes duck lips and good lighting.

So, in honor of Kim's 34th birthday take a look at some of the most meaningful times Kim's extolled the many virtues of the selfie.

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