MTV’s Homecoming Bracket: Say Goodbye To 5SOS And One Direction

Tyler Posey takes on Tyler Oakley while Miley takes on Emma Watson in round 3.

Things are getting really interesting in MTV’s Homecoming King and Queen Bracket.

You guys have been furiously voting for your favorite celebs in the second round, but now that it's come to a close, we have to say goodbye to some of our most-admired stars. If you're not sitting down, then you probably should because some of these results may shock you.

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In the third round of competition, it's going to be Tyler vs. Tyler vying for a spot in the final round. Tyler Posey managed to take down the boys of One Direction, while Tyler Oakley beat out the Sheerios, sending Ed Sheeran packing.

In another shocking elimination, 5SOS lost out in their bid to become Homecoming King to Justin Bieber, who will now face off against Dylan O'Brien. The "Maze Runner" star beat out "Harry Potter" alum Daniel Radcliffe.

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As for the ladies, it's definitely going to be a fight to the finish as the Little Monsters take on the Lovatics. Lady Gaga eliminated Ariana Grande from the competition, while Demi Lovato inched past Jennifer Lawrence.

Miley Cyrus managed to edge out the ladies of Fifth Harmony and will now take on Emma Watson, who beat out Shailenne Woodley. The winner of these rounds will earn a spot in the final round of competition.

So who will rule the school? Well, that’s entirely in your hands! The third round of voting began Monday (October 20) and ends on Wednesday, October 22, when 8 contenders will be narrowed down to 4. You can help your fave advance to the final round by voting as many times as you wish -- and by spreading the message on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr using the hashtag #MTVHomecoming.