Watch This New 'Hunger Games' Web Series Or Innocent Panem Workers Will Get It

Not the hunky amputee lumberjack! Anyone but him!

The countdown is on for the premiere of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1," flying into theaters a month from tomorrow on November 21. We've seen the teasers and the posters, and we're hungry for more, more, more.

Make way for the "District Voices" series, five webisodes to be posted to YouTube and produced by Lionsgate and Google. The short episodes, each created by a different YouTube personality, will focus on Panem's industry-specific districts.

And, judging from the return of Creepy Zombie Peeta Pocket and his resplendent white suit, the web shorts (under the fictional banner of Panem's CapitolTV) will hearken back to the propaganda marketing roots that "Mockingjay" started off with so many months ago. Wonder if we'll see that handsome amputee woodsman again?

Oh, and judging from what sounds to be a desperation-tinged plea from a Panem citizen in the teaser above -- "Our future is in your hands" -- President Snow may not be too pleased if someone steps out of line.

To see the episodes, check out the CapitolTV page at 4 p.m. EST every weekday this week. Videos will vary from tips on what to do with excess Peacekeeper armor to how to make use of Panem's grains in baking.

Peeta would be proud. Or brainwashed. Most likely both, to be real.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" hits theaters November 21.