Peter Yang

'Real World' Is Digging Up 'Skeletons' For Season 30

Seven strangers will have to face the past -- and what's been hiding in their closets.

Earlier this year, "Real World Ex: Plosion" (the cast members of which are featured in the photo above) dropped a bomb that left San Francisco in shambles. But the series' upcoming 30th season, which will return to the Windy City for the first time since 2001, is about to blow open many a closet door in the Midwest.

On "Real World: Skeletons," seven strangers will move in together as per the show's typical formula, but soon, shared chores and shower schedules will prove to be the least of their worries as a brand-new twist comes into play: They'll each be forced to confront the last person on Earth (or sometimes, the last people) they want to see.

Yes, throughout the season, a group of "skeletons," who each have ties to one of the season's original housemates, will move in and proceed to drum up secrets and dark memories from the past. A cast member named Bruno, for one, will have to share a roof with his estranged brother Briah, with whom he hasn't spoken in three years. And if that wasn't enough, Briah once told Bruno that he wished Bruno had died in a car accident that nearly took his life. Yikes!

"No one wants their worst enemy or embarrassing past moving in with them, but by facing your past, you actually grow. And that growth, however painful it may be, is what makes this season of 'Real World' so watchable," "Real World" creator and executive producer Jon Murray said of the new season in a press release.

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