The 'American Horror Story' Creators Are Making Another Murder Show

Get the deets on 'Scream Queen.'

Does the murder in "American Horror Story: Freak Show" take itself just a little too seriously for your liking? Is its upcoming spin-off, "American Crime Story" just not what you're looking for when it comes to televised entertainment?

Well, then you're in luck, because the folks that created "AHS" and "Glee" are back, this time for a "genre-bending comedy-horror" anthology series called "Scream Queens," which is set to air on Fox in the fall of 2015. "Queens" will be produced by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, and the show -- which has already received a full season, 15-episode order -- will focus on a college campus for its first season. Also, it will apparently star two women every year, so suck on that, "True Detective."

"I knew I wanted to work with Brad and Ian again on something comedic, and we are having a blast writing 'Scream Queens,'" Murphy said in Fox's release. "We hope to create a whole new genre -- comedy-horror -- and the idea is for every season to revolve around two female leads. We've already begun a nationwide search for those women, as well as 10 other supporting roles, and we're very grateful to [Fox execs] Dana [Walden] and Gary [Newman] for their enthusiastic support."

Really, the only question now is which role in "Scream Queens" will go to Lea Michele.