Getty Images: John Greim

11 Guilty Pleasures Guys Will Never Understand

Your man thinks they're pointless. You know better.

Guilty pleasures are the dessert of life -- or at least, the cherry on top of existing. To your dude, your most delectable pleasures lack any real value (and may even seem like torture), but to you, they remain downright irresistible. You'll never give up these shameless habits, and your guy will never understand why.

1. Singing “Like A Prayer” at the top of your lungs

Ideally surrounded by girlfriends, who act as a makeshift gospel choir.

2. "Treating yourself" to a vegetable smoothie

Sure, it costs way too much for something that tastes like pond sludge, but there's an outside chance it will give you better skin and more mental focus and the body of your dreams! This is the kind of gambling you can get behind.

3. Paying extra for a gel manicure

Once you go shellac, you don't go back.

4. Watching the "Step Up" movies. Again.

Who needs plot and dialogue when you have Channing Tatum’s hot a** solving problems with the power of dance?

5. Needing that 18th sparkly eye shadow

You never know when you'll need to rock that "just fell out of a disco ball" look. You're just being practical. Plus, OMG, how cute is that packaging?

6. Spa day!

And all the spa water and spa robes that come with it. You deserve this.

7. Throwing down for every Betsey Johnson item you find in your size

Now that the cartwheeling mascot of all things whimsical and sequined has closed the doors on her shops, her dresses are basically collector's items. That's just smart investing.

8. Slowing your roll outside of a fire station

Talk about your tax dollars hard at work. Gentlemen, we salute you.

9. Reading sleazy gossip magazines

It's important to stay abreast of pressing issues, like who wore it best.

10. Owning all of the candles

You won't rest until your apartment smells like a Bath & Body Works.

11. Spending HOURS getting ready with your friends

You've got your jams blasting and your drinks poured. She has a new straightener and you have that new bronzer, and -- oh, yeah, weren't you guys supposed to go out at some point, or whatever?

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