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Taylor Swift Gives The Best Advice -- Just Ask Selena Gomez

They really are the perfect BFFs.

Girl time between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift sounds like the best. In my imagination, the BFFs talk about boys, clothes and all the other normal things besties do, but like any true friends, there are times when talk turns serious.

While making an appearance on CBS' "The Talk," Selena revealed to the hosts that Taylor "never judges" her for anything she does. Gomez went on to share a very valuable piece of advice Taylor gave her while they were just hanging out and "sitting by the fire."

"[Taylor] was actually at my house the other day and we were sitting by the fire and I was talking about relationships and business in my life and she just kind of looked at me, and she supports me and never judges me for anything, and she was like, ‘Selena, if you're the smartest person in the room, I think you're going to be in the wrong room,' " Gomez recalled.

"She thinks I should constantly surround myself -- and I agree with her -- with people who are going to make me better," Gomez continued, "that are going to challenge me, motivate me, and it just stuck with me, so I kind of constantly repeat that to myself now and I just want to surround myself with those people."

If Taylor has her way, she won't have to travel far for those cozy chats with her bestie. The "Shake It Off" singer has been "begging" Selena to move to New York City, where Swift has an apartment. And though we think they'd be perfect roomies, Selena has no plans to pack her bags.

"[Taylor] bought her house in L.A. two years ago and I loved it," Selena said. "Sure enough, I finally get my own home and she moves to New York. She thinks I fit in personality-wise more [in New York] and I can understand that, but I love my home and I'm going to stick to that for a while."

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