Bossa Studio

New Game Asks What It's Like To Be Bread

Video games are finally better than sliced bread.

It's entirely possible that maybe something -- or someone -- other than this slice of bread is getting toasted.

Just read the mission statement behind Bossa Studio's latest game: "The beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted." This game will have players seize control of the humblest of foods, a slice of bread, and... move it around in an interactive world, we guess?

Basically it's the "Brave Little Toaster" but, like, inverse.

Look. You're bread and you're gonna do bread things. Like, get buttered up or something. Not everything can be as elaborate or epic as "Destiny." The jaunty video below explains it better.

Really, this is par for the course for Bossa. They're the ones that created the ludicrously fun and frustrating "Surgeon Simulator" which incorporated all manner of ridiculous surgical scenarios. "I Am Bread" seems to be taking it a step further and offering up a fully developed world to explore. It also seems to be using the same physics that made "Surgeon Simulator" incredibly silly.

We're still a little wary of this title. The recent flux of "sim" games like "Goat Simulator" and "Bear Simulator" tend to fall into five-minute joke video games that quickly wear thin. While it's probably more than meets the rye, "I Am Bread" might offer up a couple of hours of silly fun that you and friends can laugh at.

There's no release date yet, but we'll clue you in when "I Am Bread" rises.

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