M.O.C. Brand

You Can Now Wear The Shmoney Dance While Doing It

Justin Bieber's done it. Drake's done it. Rihanna did it on a yacht. And now you can wear it. "It" being the Shmoney dance. MOC Brand, who's brought us gear embroidered with Kanye's shrug, wheelchair Jimmy, Jay Z's dad dive, Miley's twerk, Nicki Minaj's "Anacdona" pose, and just about every other musician meme you can think of, is now giving the same treatment to Bobby Shmurda's viral dance.

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For those that need a quick primer: the Shmoney dance originated back in March when the rap upstart uploaded his "Hot N****" video to YouTube. The best part of it—a scene where Shmurda throws his hands up in the air and casually twists his body—quickly hit Vine and the video has since collected over 26 million views and cosigns from Badgalriri to Jay Z, who incorporated it into a verse from "F***WithMeYouKnowIGotIt" at the On the Run tour, spitting "Come Shmoney Dance with the good fellas."

M.O.C. Brand

You can now record your own vine of the Shmoney dance while wearing clothes that show Shmurda's original. MOC has tricked out clothes with it for all kinds of occasions. There are beanies, sweatshirts, MOC Brand's classic polo, and more.

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