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Molly Tarlov Goes Blonde! Will Sadie Saxton Have More Fun?

Hello, sunshine!

Sadly, Molly Tarlov has yet to shock us with the lavender locks of our dreams, but her latest transformation has still managed to leave us completely gobsmacked.

The "Awkward" actress, who's been sporting an ombre 'do as of late, went full-blown blonde this weekend, and we have to say, the lighter side is doing her justice. Those Palos Hills gals certainly love experimenting!

Molly Tarlov's Instagram

"Does this hair color make me look blonde??" Molly tweeted with the Instagram photo above, in which she abandons the brunette from which she came. And the makeover couldn't have come at a better time because, let's be honest, Sadie Saxton has out-grouched Oscar over the past few weeks and could definitely benefit from the "blondes have more fun" adage. But will Lissa be knocked down a peg as the cheer squad's resident golden beauty? As if the BFFs needed another twist or turn in their relationship...

+ Whaddya think of Molls' new look? Tell us if you prefer her flaxen, and check her out on the new "Awkward" episode tomorrow night at 10/9c!