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Kim Kardashian's Stance On Bullying Is Clear After This Instagram

She hates it as much as anybody else.

Ever since she got married to Kanye West and became a mom, Kim Kardashian's eyes have been opened to a lot of the evils of the world. She penned an open letter reflecting on racism earlier this year after giving birth to her daughter, North, and a few other racist incidents also drew a strong response from Kim.

But now she has another grievance to tackle: bullying. Plenty of stars have spoken out on the dangers of this particular emotional abuse, and it's heartening to see people with these kind of platforms using them for good.

It may be a simple Instagram, but the brief set of stories is a compelling reminder of the way bullying can impact all of us.

She also took a moment to call out the people who bully her with mean, derogatory comments. "You think you know but sometimes you just don't #IHateBullying #MeanCommentsIsBullyingTo," she captioned the photo. Everyone has their own sore spots and we need to be respectful and courteous whenever possible, whether it be to a celebrity like Kim or one of our acquaintances. It's an important reminder.

If you or someone you know is suffering from bullying, visit A Thin Line for resources and support.