Mark Seliger/Vanity Fair

Evan Rachel Wood Said She Was 'Almost In Tears' During That Iconic 'Vanity Fair' Photo Shoot

The 'True Blood' actress said she was almost in tears after the 2003 photo shoot.

If you were a teen in the year 2003, you probably purchased Vanity Fair's now-iconic Young Hollywood issue featuring stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and the Olsen Twins. Another young cover star from the issue, actress Evan Rachel Wood, recently revealed her frustrations as a young teen during the photo shoot in a series of tweets to a fan.

Mark Seliger/Vanity Fair

For Evan, the experience was less fun-filled slumber party with her besties and more of a wake-up call about the realities of the treatment of young women in Hollywood. Evan tweeted about the fashion choices (no pants!) and the vocal critiques of the young women's appearances in front of each other.

Her criticism comes at an interesting time as more and more young women in Hollywood are facing scrutiny, responsibility and visibility. Just look at the sort of attention and criticism faves like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez receive from the press and fans. Every Instagram post, tweet, or dating decision is dissected, leaving little room for them to stand up for themselves or just be young like the rest of us.

Her experience with Vanity Fair wasn't always bad, however. Later, the actress noted that future shoots with the classic magazine were much more professional and comforting.

Here's to future young cover stars also having a more pleasant experience, too!