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Did Max Martin Just Accidentally Reveal A Katy Perry And Drake Collaboration?

If so, the 'Legendary Lovers' remix is truly going to be legendary.

Are Katy Perry and Drake going to be on a song together at last? This internet rumor comes to us courtesy of the the somewhat unexpected source of producer Max Martin.

Martin often works with Perry—among a number of other huge stars—to create massive pop jams, and he chronicles this information on his Maratone production company's official website.

And though Katy Perry's sixth studio album Prism dropped last year, she's continued to release singles off the project. It looks like the next one will be "Legendary Lovers," which Martin co-wrote and co-produced, but this version will also feature OVO's Canadian leader Drake as a possible remix.

Here's a screenshot of Martin's work with Perry:


Okay yes, he spelled a word wrong on the song above. But did you miss that last entry? Here's a close-up, just in case:


What's more exciting than your favorite pop star and your favorite rapper on a track together?? And while this isn't an absolute confirmation, it seems unlikely that Martin would mistakenly include Drake in his credits. Katy recently released a remix of "This Is How We Do" featuring the rapper Riff Raff, and her collaboration with Juicy J for "Dark Horse" went over extremely well, so teaming with Drake seems like a no-brainer.

We're reaching out for comment from both camps and will obviously keep you updated when we know more! In the meantime, you can listen to the original version of "Legendary Lovers" here.