Gwen Stefani And Calvin Harris Are So Much Better 'Together': Listen To A Preview Of Their Song

Fans are already declaring it 'a hit.'

Yes! Finally some new music featuring the sweet, sweet vocals of the one and only Gwen Stefani.

The No Doubt frontwoman teamed up with Calvin Harris for the track, "Together," off his upcoming fourth album, Motion, out November 4.

The EDM hitmaker, who just dropped his video for "True Acid," gave us a "little preview" of the track on his Instagram on Friday (October 17), and over a trance-like beat, Gwen's voice soars. While the tease sounds more mid-tempo, we predict that Calvin, who also teamed up with Ellie Goulding, Haim, Tinashe and Big Sean for the album, is just psyching us up for a true big-beat track.

"We're gonna wake up together/ You won't want to go home/ We'll find love here together/ And it feels so good," Gwen sings.

And with just a 0:15 preview, fans are already declaring this Gwen/Calvin collaboration a hit.

This is just the beginning for Gwen, who's not only working on a new No Doubt record, but has been readying her upcoming solo album. She's reportedly dropping the first single, "Baby Don't Lie," on Sunday.

“It’s just an amazing time; so many opportunities. I’m going into the studio ... with Pharrell [Williams], I’m going to be writing and also just seeing what comes along my way," Gwen recently told MTV News. "I’ve been recording a few things.”