Watch Rosario Dawson Ask Chris Rock The Tough Questions In The First 'Top Five' Trailer

And this list of his top five rappers is definitely going to spark some discussion...

In the first trailer for his semi-autobiographical film “Top Five,” Chris Rock plays a washed up comedian trying to find out why he’s not funny anymore. Rock's character, Andre Allen, makes it big doing standup, then he goes on to blockbuster movie superstardom playing the somewhat embarrassing role of “Hammy The Bear."

“You got Hammy Time,” Rock says while wearing a cheap bear suit as he’s shooting off bullets like a furry Rambo. “It’s Hammy Time!”

Rosario Dawson's character Chelsea Brown is a reporter trying to get the real story about Andre's life and find out why his ability to be funny seems to have faded. Brown tells Allen that times are changing and he “should wake up and smell the progress.”

“Hey, look at this, black man trying to get a cab in New York City,” he jokingly attempts—before a taxi stops on a dime after he hails it. And is that a romance budding between Andre and Chelsea despite his engagement?

But the film, which was executively produced by Kanye West and Jay Z, will likely spark much debate about the top five rappers on Rock’s list.

“My Top Five is Jay, Nas, Scarface, Rakim, then I might let Biggie get in there,” he said. “My sixth is LL Cool J—before the show!”

Ironically, the trailer features "Paris" from Jay and Kanye's joint album Watch The Throne and the brand new single "i" from Kendrick Lamar—but neither Kendrick or Ye even made it into the top six.

Tracy Morgan, Gabrielle Union, Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin Hart and Whoopi Goldberg also all make cameos in the Paramount Pictures film, which hit theaters on December 12.

Watch the trailer below.