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Is This The Most Overhyped Cat Video On YouTube?

If you know anything about Karl Lagerfeld, you know that he is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with his cat, Choupette. She inspires him both personally and professionally—she has two Karl Lagerfeld collections modeled after her. From everything you read about her, she is a very impressive feline.

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The Coveteur recently got to go to visit her room in Paris, which is, apparently, full of photos of her chilling with Karl (vain much? JK) and her Shu Uemera collaboration. The site was also given videos—straight from Karl's iPad, natch—of Choupette doin' her thang and, um, no offense, but she's a regular cat...

Like, maybe it's my fault for reading so many Karl interviews where he raves about her (hobbies are important, you guys), but I wouldn't expect Choupette to find hiding in a box as enjoyable as other cats do? She loves chasing ribbons as much as my cat—for some reason I expected more from her.

The video does reveal, though, the white Goyard bowls she eats her pâté from and the ceramic figure (of herself!) that sits across from her as she chows down.