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Azealia Banks Questions Why The Media Treats Her And Iggy Azalea Differently

Banks weighs in.

Azealia Banks has been watching Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea's saga unfold, and though the two have finally made peace, the Harlem, New York rapper has some questions about how the media has handled the story.

"Where was the white media when T.I threatened to push me down the stairs though," she questioned in a tweet that she sent out on Wednesday night.

There was plenty of coverage around Snoop's digital Instagram assault on Iggy, with some outlets raising questions about the misogynistic nature of Snoop's attack. He repeatedly called Iggy "bitch" and also once referred to her as a "c--t." Banks didn't call out any media outlets by name, but questioned the coverage and how it related to her spat with Tip back in June.

The two first started their war of words in 2012, after T.I. took up for Iggy Azalea in her beef with Banks. In June, Banks threw a shot at T.I.'s wife, Tiny, and Tip posted a Instagram post where he threatened to end her if she speaks on his family again.

"People fall down stairs daily," he also wrote in the caption, not directly threatening Banks.

He also spoke to MTV News about his disdain for Banks.

On Wednesday, T.I. went on to broker peace between Snoop and Iggy. After a phone call from Tip, Snoop went on Instagram and apologized to Azalea; an apology which she said she accepts. Banks is questioning why T.I. didn't verbally attack Snoop like he did her.

Azealia, also called the "black" media's motives into question when she retweeted Mass Appeal magazine digital mascot Ted Bawno.