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Happy Birthday, Eminem! Here's What We Got You

How'd we do?

What do you get for the man who has it all? Or, who could buy it all?

It's a tough question. And Eminem, you're certainly that guy. You've sold millions upon millions of records, broken records, broken artists, made boatloads of money -- and remain one of the best MCs around.

But as you hit your 42nd birthday on Friday (October 17), we couldn't let you walk away empty-handed. Here's what we've got in mind to help you celebrate.

Footage Of Every "TRL" Appearance You made

Including this first one, where things got awkward when you told Dave Holmes you hurt your hand by punching your mom. But you had many-a-classic "TRL" moment, and only we've got the official footage. One day, you'll be able to show your grandkids the time you made fun of Mark Wahlberg to his face on national TV, creating another amazing and awkward moment.

A Whoopie Cushion

You're a character. You're funny, wild and zany -- whether dressing up like a fake superhero, making fun of people on records, or clowning around in interviews. Hopefully you appreciate one of the most classic gags around.

Nike Sweats and Air Max 90s

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Hey, there's nothing wrong with getting someone a gift you know they'll like. And Marshall, you'll love these. We know that because you wear them all the time. Plus, you even did a collaboration where you got your own Air Max. Yeah, you probably have dozens of pairs of each, but it can't hurt to add to the collection.

A Video Of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Rapping "Mosh"

This one might be a belated gift -- it's hard to pull it together. But still. You've always been a target of politicians. And you've targeted them in return. Former President George W. Bush, his Vice President Dick Cheney, and Cheney's wife, Lynne, were certainly among those who weren't the biggest Slim Shady fans. Though you've been relatively apolitical publicly in recent years, here's a chance to get a kick out of seeing Bush and Cheney rap your 2004 protest song "Mosh," which, of course, includes the line, "Stomp, push shove, mush, f--k Bush."

A Chainsaw And Jason Mask

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We've seen a horror aesthetic -- both visually and, at times, musically -- since your early days. And it hasn't gone anywhere. The cover for the upcoming Shady XV even features images of the two. Here are a couple more to add to the collection.

This Monkey

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And This Cat

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Because of all people, Eminem, you should appreciate pets who give the middle finger.

So, Em, Do You Like Our Gifts?

See. I knew you'd love the animals. You guys are like three peas in a pod.

Happy birthday, Rap God.