Ellen's Audience Does NOT Know The Lyrics To 'Fancy': Watch Now

Boom boom bah boom!

Millions of people love Iggy Azalea's breakout hit, “Fancy,” right? Well, if these audience members from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" are any indication, there are a lot of people who still don’t know the words -- not even close -- to the chart-topping New Classic single.

"You have been out here before the show dancing and singing like nobody’s watching -- except I was watching. I always do, and I love it,” Ellen said in her signature deadpan, humorous way. “Let’s take...just a moment to enjoy some audience singing.”

This is supposed to be “From L.A. to Tokyo.”

This guy butchered the line, “Let's get drunk on the minibar.”

Gotta love this lady’s hype man abilities. The line was “Better get my money on time, if they not money, decline,” but she opted for...

Again, the line’s “From L.A. to Tokyo.” Why can’t anyone get it?

Granted, the “Who dat? Who dat? I-G-G-Y” line’s a tongue twister, but this woman’s way off-base.

Guess we're not as "Fancy" as we thought we were, huh?