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Patrick Stump Is A Dad: See The Adorable Baby (Fall Out) Boy

Experts agree that CUTE.

If you often find yourself in a state of "LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN," you might want to sit down. Why? Because Patrick Stump's wife, Elisa Yao, just gave birth to their baby, and he's face-meltingly adorable.

Say hello to the Fall Out Boy frontman's first and only son, Declan.

Can you even? No, you cannot.

Twitter (@TheEllenShow)

Surprisingly, the "Immortals" singer wasn't the one to break the news. That honor belonged to Ellen DeGeneres, who tweeted out the infant's photo on Wednesday (October 15), writing: "It's a boy! Actually, it's a @FallOutBoy."

Expect to see that joke approximately 70 bajillion more times in the next 24 hours.

The daytime host also added: "Congrats @PatrickStump and welcome baby Declan! See y'all in 2 weeks.!" Hours old, and he's already booked his first gig. When will your bb?