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Are These New Taylor Swift Lyrics About BFF Lorde?

A best friends anthem would be so Taylor.

Taylor Swift, you fiend! You've barely given us time to fully digest your indie-pop sea change of a track, "Out Of The Woods," and you're already teasing us with new tunes via Instagram? OK, fiiiine, lady, we'll bite -- and get SO DAMN EXCITED.

After sharing possibly New York-themed lyrics to Instagram Tuesday for an as-yet-unreleased 1989 track, Swift revealed a new set of lines today (October 15). They read: "Nice to meet you/ Where you been?/ I could show you incredible things."

The words are written on a fancy kind of greeting card, with a diamond necklace laid out around the whole display.

We're not sure what significance the jewels have yet (it's no paper airplane necklace), but Lorde did pipe up on Twitter that it's her favorite track on the record, so maybe those sparkly things could be a nod to Taylor and Ella's friendship? (Diamonds in the flesh and not being royal and all that).

I guess, for now, we'll have to wait until the album drops on October 27 to see what's what. In the meantime, we'll just all be over here like...