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Nick Young Defends Girlfriend Iggy Azalea After Snoop Dogg's Dis

Swaggy P ain't havin' it.

As the odd online spat between Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg (somehow) continues, new players are getting involved.

Specifically, basketball players. NBA basketball players. Who date Iggy Azalea.

Early Wednesday morning (October 15), the "Fancy" rapper's boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young, stepped to his girl's defense on Twitter by going on the offensive against Snoop.

The 29-year-old's comments didn't come out of nowhere, though. And not just because Tha Doggfather -- a noted Laker fan -- has been clowning Iggy on Instagram all week. He actually called out Young, too -- though not by name.

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In one post, he went after the Australian in his caption, and added, at the end, "yo n---a Betta not say sh--."

In a different video, below, he baited Young again. “Say, bitch, you’re f--king with the wrong n---a," he said. "And your n---a better check you before I do."