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Taylor Swift Teases New 1989 Song Lyrics: Are They About NYC?

Out of the woods, and into the Big Apple.

Because idle fans are the Devil's playthings, Taylor Swift has begun teasing lyrics to a new song off of her upcoming fifth studio album, 1989.

Remember, it hasn't even been a full day since the "Shake It Off" singer debuted "Out Of The Woods." I think I speak for Swifties everywhere when I say: REST IN PEACE, ME. R.I.P., ME. I DIED. DEAD.

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Taylor Instagrammed the words to the as-yet-unnamed 1989 song on Tuesday (October 14). Under a city skyline sketched with pen on lined paper, she has written: "It’s a new soundtrack/ I could dance to this beat/ …forevermore." In the caption, she notes that it will be "Track 1."

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Over on Twitter, some fans are speculating that it's an ode to the singer's new hometown, New York City. Tay has been completely Big Apple-obsessed ever since she moved into her recently acquired penthouse in Tribeca earlier this year. And why wouldn't she be obsessed? She lives in a penthouse in Tribeca.

Does this mean that Taylor's going to reveal a new batch of lyrics on Instagram every day until she has teased all 13 songs from 1989? I already don't know what to do with my body.

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