'Dirty Dancing' Kid Vs. 'Full Diva' Kid: Let's Have A Dance-Off

Two memes enter. One meme leaves.

Even though we're still totally obsessed with that kid who went "full diva" in the background of a live newscast, he may have met his match. Enter, the "Dirty Dancing" kid.

Brace yourselves, because Charlie dances the freaking pants off of the final scene of the 1987 dance-movie classic. Those hips! Oh. My. God. He steals the "sway" right out of "Swayze." Somebody get this kid a mini Jennifer Grey!

But are Charlie's moves better than his peer's? He gets major points for stage presence, but our live-TV diva has the attitude on lock. It's time for an viral-video dance-off -- with GIFs, of course. Who will take home the gold? It's anyone's game at this point.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

I don't know, kids. It's an awfully close call. Leave your votes in the comments below.