Hood By Air And Off-White Teamed Up For The Ultimate Cozy Boy Collaboration

"This is what dreams are made of," is probably your first reaction to seeing Hood By Air and Off-White's bed set, newly available at VFiles. Two of streetwear's most gifted designers teamed up on a capsule collection for VFiles that you can sleep in—and you're never going to want to change come laundry day. It's all part of a collaboration to coincide with the release of NYC photographer Kevin Amato's first book, called, of course, Cozy.

HBA and Off-White took that title and ran with it, creating a massive 90" x 90" duvet and pillow set (for your reference, a California king-size bed is 72" x 84"). And HBA's Shayne Oliver and Off-White's Virgil Abloh are fitting designers to tackle a capsule collection inspired by Amato's work, since he too is known for blurring the lines between streetwear and art.


As for the graphic HBA chose—a man sitting in the dark in bed, illuminated by his computer screen—Amato has an eloquent explanation for it.

He believes that social media platforms are the new museums and fashion and retail are "the new currency." "Young kids can't relate to the formal institutionalized museums. They relate more to Tumblr and Instagram for art references and inspiration," he says. "The platform has evolved, which inspired the capsule. A way to introduce fine art in an accessible and culturally relevant way to a whole new generation. A generation that absorbs information via blue glowing screens faster than the speed of light."

What Amato left out is that computers are also the new lighting—at least in my house. If you have an extra $850 sitting around, you can buy the bed set (and recreate the graphic in your home). If not, welcome to my life, but also check out some of the other Amato collaborations up for grabs at VFiles for a lower price.