Miley Cyrus Got Some New Tattoos: Check 'Em Out

Invite us along next time?

If there's one thing we know about Miley Cyrus, it's that she's always down for more tattoos. While in Australia for her Bangerz Tour, the pop star tapped Aussie tattoo artist Lauren Winzer of Hunter & Fox Tattoo to lay down some fresh ink on her and her crew.

The "Adore You" singer opted to refresh some of her more worn-down hand tats, and she added a few extra charms to her digits, too.

Miley's hand tats are like the Lucky Charms of our wildest dreams hallucinations.

The alien head and watermelon slice appear to be new additions, while the heart symbol was glitter-ized and the evil eye restored to its former glory.

Miley's heart ink was the first to appear on her hand, and it represents the bond the Cyrus family shares. (Everyone in the fam has a copy of it.)

You've come a long way since stick 'n' pokes, baby.

Winzer (wisely?) handed her tattoo gun over to Cyrus, which makes her the second tattoo artist brave enough to allow Miley to permanently ink up their skin. Earlier this year, Miley gave New York City's Bang Bang a crescent moon on his thumb.

"Tat swap with the realest pineapple in the game," Winzer wrote.