What Will Happen In 'Captain America 3,' Based On The Comics?

Besides Cap Vs. Iron Man

Whether you like it or not, "Captain America 3" is going to pit two of your favorite heroes against each other, and that's only part of what the "Civil War" storyline might tell us about the upcoming Marvel movie.

The enormous comic book event featured several iconic moments that made an impact on the Marvel Universe at large. If "Captain America 3" borrows more than just the title from "Civil War," here are some things that might happen.

Heroes Take Sides

You can't really call the conflict "Civil War" if it's just a beef between Cap and Iron Man. The heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are going to be forced to choose sides. Since this isn't an "Avengers" movie, I wouldn't bet on there being that many heroes showing up to vote either "Cap" or "Stark," but there are rumors already circulating about Hawkeye, War Machine and more showing up for the party.

Captain America Dies...

The biggest effects of the "Civil War" event on the Marvel comics rippled directly out of a single source: the assassination of Captain America. Early rumors suggest that the events of "Captain America 3" will sideline Steve Rogers for "Avengers 3" at the very least, so this could be a clue about how the book and movie stories will line up. But would Marvel actually kill off Steve Rogers?

...For A While

Walt Disney Studios

Nope. That's because Chris Evans has one movie beyond "Cap 3" in his contract. And as with all comic book deaths, Captain America's time as a member of the dearly departed didn't last that long, so even if the story of "Cap 3" takes him out of the picture for a few movies, he'll be back.

Bucky/Falcon Becomes Captain America

But in the meantime, someone has to carry the shield. Marvel has had a number of heroes bearing the name "Captain America," but two in the recent comic history are likely candidates for the Cinematic Universe's new Cap. Falcon lacks the super-strength and Bucky is still off finding himself, but "Cap 3" could inch either of those candidates closer to become the Star-Spangled man.

Spider-Man Shows Up

Long shot here, but as it's been repeated over and over again since the "Civil War" news broke, Spider-Man had a part to play in the comic which is serving as the movie's inspiration. A boy can dream, can't he?

"Captain America V Iron Man: Dawn Of Justice" opens in theaters on May 6, 2016.