'Black-ish' Goes Into 'Guy Code' Territory With Urinal Buffer Zone

...but we're not pissed off.

Some ideas belong to an individual. Some ideas, though, belong to mankind. Ideas such as the fact it's super uncomfortable to urinate right next to fellow urinating dudes, especially when there aren't any metal divider thingies blocking the view. And before you say, "That's homophobic," or "Wow, you must have a super tiny penis," it'd be equally awkward to urinate next to women, if women could use urinals, which they can. The point is, human beings appreciate a little privacy in the bathroom, OK? And not everyone can be 9+ inches, OK?

Anyway, the ABC series "Black-ish" covered this topic on last week's episode, laying down the law on respecting the Buffer Zone:

This lesson will be intimately familiar to viewers of MTV2's "Guy Code." Let's take a stroll down Memory Lane, where the pavement is covered with sticky, ammonia-scented puddles...

"Guy Code" Season 1 Promo

"Guy Code" Season 2 Promo (The Illustrated Version)

"Guy Code" Urban Outfitters T-Shirt (Sold Out)

Now, before you go assuming that "Black-ish" took the idea from "Guy Code," remember that the concept of the Buffer Zone is as ancient as urinals themselves. Or at least, as ancient as humorist Dave Barry’s 1996 book "Complete Guide To Guys" and subsequent 2005 DVD of the same name, featuring former NFL quarterback Dan Marino for a play-by-play:

So, we could argue all day about who first noticed this dilemma -- Socrates, probably, while pissing into an Athenian latrine -- but instead, let's all agree this is the best possible way to handle it: