The Fantasy Factory Is Hiring! ‘Unicorny’ People Need Apply

Are you looking for the ride of your life (including benefits)?

Tired of your 9 to 5? Clocking in and out getting you down? Looking for a job in which you can kick dodgeballs into your employees' faces without fear of significant legal retribution? Man, do we have the spot for you.

Rob Dyrdek, whose usual work routine includes building a half-car/half-skateboard, is looking for brand-new talent for his Fantasy Factory (a typical day in the office is included in the clip below). Yeah, you know, the one you've been dreaming of seeing up close ever since you watched Rob and his loyal staff create a mock rock band for a paycheck. And he wants YOU.

"If you possess a writing style that can easily shift from making people laugh out loud to bringing them to tears, dream of impacting culture and reaching millions in moments with your words, yearn to build the voice of brands yet to be born and are strategic as much as you are a writer...then I have a job for you," Rob tweeted with a link to his website, where he spelled out more qualities he seeks in an addition to his team.

Evidently, if you want a spot on the payroll beside Big Black and Chanel, you've gotta:

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1) Have no ego. Daily feedback and critique is part of the game, folks

2) Push relentlessly. "It's never good enough" is the FF's proud mantra.

3) Take risks. In one day, Rob says, you can wear a number of hats.

4) Think on your feet and solve problems. Is there a manual for dueling with inflatable dongs? Not so much...

5) Be "unicorny." Being able to collaborate creatively is paramount to success, Rob notes, especially in such a small team.

Think you've got what it takes to secure an elusive desk in that wonderful warehouse? Take a look at the listings on the Dyrdek Enterprises LinkedIn page, submit an application and let us know if you get a bite!