Need To Know: Iggy Azalea Is Bringing A 'Human-Sized, Epic Mail Box' On Tour

Plus, a certain beloved character may be joining 'Captain America 3.'

With additional reporting by Janelle Myers

Write Her Name In Bold

Azaleans, rejoice, because your girl Iggy will not only frame and hang the fan mail you give her, but at the entrance of each show for her tour next year, she wants to put a "human sized epic mail box" for you to drop off your letters and drawings. Before you bake her any cookies, here are some things you need to know:

Iggy wants this idea to trend with her peers:

Check Out The Song And The Polaroid

Taylor Swift teased it on Monday, and finally, on Tuesday (October 14) she dropped her single "Out Of The Woods," which was co-written with fun. and Bleachers member Jack Antonoff. Yes, this is the song people think is about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

50 Cent Had NICE Things To Say

“I don’t have bad intentions for Floyd [Mayweather]. I don't want to see him lose,” said rapper 50 Cent about the boxer who he has dissed in the past. Is this the end of the feud? We'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Downey With This Marvel Movie?

For any Tony Stark fans out there, you may just see Robert Downey Jr. join the cast of "Captain America 3." He's reportedly working out a deal to bring Iron Man to this Marvel film.

Blow Kisses And Candles

I say, "Yeah!" It's Usher's birthday. The "Good Kisser" singer turns 34 today.

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Must-See Video Of The Week

This little boy completely nails every move from "Dirty Dancing"'s final scene, from the leaps to the swiveling hips -- and he's only 8. Nobody puts Charlie in the corner.