'American Horror Story' Is Renewed For Season 5, But Where Will It Go Next?

We have some ideas, guys.

There's no doubt about it: "American Horror Story: Freak Show" is a hit. Nobody (except for maybe real-life circus clowns) can get enough of Elsa, Twisty and co., which is why we're not at all surprised to hear that FX has officially ordered another season of the show, which will debut in October 2015.

Now of course, Entertainment Weekly reports that -- just as in years past -- Ryan Murphy has been planting seeds of next year's setting into "Freak Show," specifically in the first two episodes. Having seen both (humble brag), here are a few guesses as to where Paulson, Peters, and (hopefully) Lange will end up next fall:

"American Horror Story: Space!"

As we all learned from "Gravity," there's nothing more terrifying than space. And while it might be tough to fit all of Murphy's favorite actors into one space station, some of them could hang out down at NASA and deal with a serial killer at home, or something.

Basically, from "Life on Mars" to a planet-tie on one of the characters, "Freak Show" has been heavy with its space imagery as of late. And since Murphy has already said that he was done with aliens after "Asylum," maybe a space-shuttle spook-fest could be next on the list. It would certainly be ambitious, but let's not put it past FX to give Murphy the budget to pull off something that ridiculous.

Also -- Frances Conroy as an astronaut is just generally something that needs to happen in life.

"American Horror Story: Opium Den"

San Francisco's (and Portland's) 19th century opium dens were a horror show of their own, and opium has already factored heavily into this season. This one time I went on a Portland underground tour and found out about "Shanghaiing" and didn't sleep for like a week (Google it). Wouldn't Jessica Lange (or Frances Conroy) make a great San Francisco slave-trader? Maybe we'll find out soon!

"American Horror Story: Hollywood"

From Marlene Dietrich to Betty Grable to Jean Arthur, Elsa has been name-dropping old Hollywood starlets faster than Twisty has been dropping bodies. Could a story set in Hollywood's Golden Age be next?

"American Horror Story: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"

Sarah Paulson stars as David Bowie and Jessica Lange takes on the fictional bisexual alien rocker Ziggy, as "American Horror Story" chronicles the making of an icon's most famous work. Let's do this, guys.