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Cara Delevingne Stood On A Store Awning In The Pouring Rain For Fashion

She does what she wants, OK?

Here's a fashion riddle for you: Why was supermodel Cara Delevingne casually chillin' 30 feet in the air in the pouring rain this weekend? Was it something to do with her "top secret" project with Kim Kardashian? Was she trying to prove that beings as #flawless as herself are incapable of catching a cold? Nah, she was just trying to promote her exclusive capsule collection with DKNY at Bloomingdales, because DUH, how else was she supposed to do it?

Miss Delevingne, 22-year-old eyebrow aficionado and everyone's fantasy BFF, decided to hock her 15 piece line (and her abs) from on top of Bloomingdale's with a #CaraD4DKNY sign, despite the rainy weather. Talk about dedication to your art.

She even hinted at the stunt last week on her Instagram, although I'm sure no one thought she would take it so literally.

The stunt was cool, and she definitely made me want to rush out to buy some of the beanies and bomber jackets from her line because of how cold she made me feel looking at her hangin' out in the freezing weather with an open blazer, but maybe next time she should stick to ground-level promotions, so I don't have a heart attack? I know I would appreciate that.

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